From the production crew

***To all members of our incredibly talented cast,

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, there are many features throughout this show that have yet to be cast. We will solidify these tracks as rehearsals begin. This is also a supremely heavy dance show, and many of you will be utilized as featured dancers within the ensemble and individually throughout the production.***

We can't begin to express how excited we are for this show and how grateful we are for the work you have already put forth. If that is any indication of the kind of production we will be putting up, White Christmas is bound to be one spectacular show!

White Christmas Cast List

Click here for printable copy of cast list.  

• Bob Wallace

  Raiford Turner

• Phil Davis

  Nicolas Toner

• Betty Haynes

  Emily Surles

• Judy Haynes

  Kate Ragan

• General Henry Waverly

  Landon Etheridge

• Martha Watson

  Ellie Surles

• Susan Waverly

  Anna Smiley

• Ralph Sheldrake

  Clifford Flock

• Rita

  Kristina Kessler

• Rhoda

  Riley Thompson

• Ezekiel Foster

  Aidan Smith

• Mike

  Cole Williams


  Dustin Allen

  Jaylee Amy

  Sarah Anderson

  Raul Aparicio

  Kalyn Aycock

  Allison Bolduc

  Katherine Caughron

  Kaylyn Causey

  Katherine Ciborowski

  Harry Cooper

  Smith Cooper

  Shepherd Cowan

  Lacey Drake

  Samantha Eovine

  Dakota Etheridge

  Faith Evans

  Rylee Fields

  Harley Marie Haley

  Wyat Hamilton

  Walter Hoffman

  Kirina Hogarty

  Addie Hudson

  Kathryn Johnson

  Cassidy Kennedy

  Keytah Kermode

  Kelsey Lewis

  Ava Nichols

  Elianna Rayburn

  Jackson Rose

  William Rose

  Juliette Tofano

  Douglas Torres

  Mary Allison Watkins

  Anna Kate Weeks

  Hannah Williams

  Jonah Williams